Saturday, October 22, 2011

Re-fillable Wine bottles...BRILLIANT!

Just outside of post they have a store called Le Rive. It is a refillable wine bottle store. The coolest idea EVER!! Why don't they have these in the states?

So this is how it works. First, you choose the container. You can bring your own, or pay for the containers that they have available. They have everything from a half a liter to a 5 gallon jug.

Second, you taste test however many wines you would like and decide on your favorite. The wine is held in large Vats. The red wines are on one wall and the white wines and prosecco on the other.

Third, they take your container and fill it with your choice of wine.
The best part is that it is so cheap! It ranges in prices from 1,60-2 Euro for a liter!

I wanted this size, but Taylor wouldn't let me... :(

We got this wine carrier as a gift from Jeanna, the Battalion Commander's wife. It is perfect!

And this is my cute wine carrier! :)


  1. So cool! I'd be in trouble if they had those in the states!

  2. He is a cute wine carrier! What an awesome idea!