Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scott & Jeff come to Italy: Lake Garda

  On Sunday we headed to Lake Garda to see some beautiful scenery. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. The total shoreline measures about 90 miles. The northern part of the lake is located in the mountains which results in some pretty scenic drives. 

We first stopped in the town of Malcesine. It was a cool little town that we had fun exploring around in. 

I did not take this picture. I borrowed it from the internet. But I imagine this is what my pictures would have looked like if it hadn't of been an extremely foggy day. :)

Poiana translates to buzzard in English…interesting name for a boat.

I loved all the archways throughout this little town.

In this little town there is a castle called Castello Scaligero or Scaliger Castle. It was fortified by the Lombards, then the Franks, then the Bishopric (which is a district under a Bishop's control) of Verona. It was controlled by the Della Scalla family in the 13 and 14th century. 

Jeff shooting a very large gun from the top of the castle.

The little town of Malcesine.

I can't wait till it is warm enough to swim here. 

After we ate lunch we headed north along the lake's edge to a town name Limone, which means lemons.

Yes, I know this isn't a lemon tree, but they also grow other citrusy fruits here as well. :)

A cool little stair case that we found.

On our way home we got a kick out of this restaurant that claims they serve Tex Mex Food. I would have loved to stop in and ask them what their idea of Tex Mex food was. I couldn't get a great picture because I was hanging my head out the window, but if you look on the left they even have a cactus outside of the restaurant!

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