Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vicenza Go Karting


     Someone told Taylor that Vicenza had a indoor-outdoor go kart track. This immediately went on the "Things to do before he deploys" list. As many of you know Taylor has an unquenchable need for speed so this was right up his alley. Somehow this turned into Taylor, three guys he works with, and me! As many of you know I have some experience driving race cars so I wasn't scared!

Due to bad exhaust from the go karts and a loooong race they provide racing suits and helmets. I'm thinking future Halloween costumes perhaps??

In order to prevent the spread of lice they give you these lovely head protector things to go under your helmet. Taylor was thrilled that I "encouraged" him to wear one. I do not want any lice in our house…can you imagine my hair and lice??!!!

We got to choose racing names and everything! Michael was Hafenator, Taylor was Turd Ferguson, Joseph was Flash, Justin was Hot Dog, and I was Speedy Gonzalez. Our names were displayed on the big screen and it showed our lap times every time we made it around. 

This was a pretty serious go kart track. You got 5 minutes of warm up/qualifying laps and then they lined you up for the real race. It lasted 20 minutes! They went super fast and it was really fun! I would have won except that the sensor on my cart wasn't working at first and my time wasn't registering so I had to switch carts 1/3 of the way through. :) After having a beer at the bar (yes, they have a bar at a go kart track) the guys decided to race again. This time there were some Italians in the mix…and they definitely beat the Americani!  I sat out and took pictures this time. 





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  1. A great event. I am glad you enjoy your staying in Italy. Good luck!