Monday, August 12, 2013

Northern NZ : Auckland

      After my adventures in the South island I flew from Queenstown to Auckland to visit Taylor's Aunt Lara and niece, Bella. 

These are some pics from the plane ride. 

       Taylor's mom, Susan, had a brother named Jim and he was married to Lara. They have a daughter named Bella. I never got to meet Jim because he died of colon cancer before I became part of the family. Lara is from New Zealand and returned back to her country a year or two after Jim passed away. She was so gracious to let me stay in her home and show me around the area. I very much enjoyed my time with her and Bella just outside of Auckland. 

"Pictured" below from left to right: Bella, me, Lara, Doug (her boyfriend), and Ursi (his daughter).  

They took me to Piha beach which is on the Tasman Sea. It is known for its black sand, which is due to high iron content. 


Ursi and Bella with black sandy feet!!

I was amazed at all of the plants and flowers in Lara's yard. Her backyard is literally a rain forest!!

Yes, those are Calla Lilies. 

Bella and a picture of her Dad when he was around the same age as her. They look so much alike!

This is a video of Bella giving a speech she wrote in school. Sorry it is side ways...

That night Lara made an amazing fish. It was soooo good!!

From Auckland I headed to Tauranga for the next 3 months...

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