Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's back to work for Taylor

So, Taylor is back to work. His battalion came back from training in Germany last week. Since they left he has been working on the Battalion Ball that is in December. He somehow got "stuck" with this job since everyone else was gone. And you know, he was soooo excited about planning a ball...I mean what Soldier wouldn't be?

I will now attempt to explain to you what Taylor is doing...

In a Battalion there are 4 shops. Each of these shops has a job. For example, the S1 shop is in charge of personnel, awards, promotions, etc. The S2 shop is military intelligence. The S3 shop is Plans/Operations, and the S4 shop is logistics. Taylor is in the S3 shop and his title is the AS3 which is the Assistant to the S3. The S3 is usually a Major and is in charge of the entire shop. He is "in-training" right now. The current AS3 is about to take command of a company and Taylor will take his place when he leaves. So Taylor will be doing things like planning operations, writing orders, and going to lots of meetings.

So far he really likes who he works with so that is great!

After a few minutes of begging I finally got Taylor to write...

Taylor's Two Cents
It turns out the Army spent tens of thousands of dollars on me at the Career Course to have me plan a battalion ball. Years later when I want to retire I will be told that my pension was spent in the early twenty-tens to learn how to plan a ball. Thats if I make it through the reduction in force thats about to happen. But maybe just maybe I can not have a job but still have great health care.

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