Friday, November 4, 2011

Trip to Switzerland Part 2

If you didn't read Trip to Switzerland Part 1, click here. After spending the first day in Bern, we spent the next day and a half seeing Luzern which is where the Lockett family is living. Cole did not come out with us today because he was catching up on some school work. He is an 8th grader and his school district allowed him to do his classes independently and e mail in his work. It also helps that Autumn is a school teacher.

Before I begin about our adventures in Luzern, I have to take a minute to brag on the best 4 year old traveller I have ever met! This little girl walked all over Bern, then the next day she walked all over Luzern. She did awesome! I mean really, her legs are half as long as ours. Autumn and Josh bought her a little pink scooter to help with the long days of walking. Come to think of it my legs are about half as long as Taylor's…maybe I should get myself a scooter!! :)

Here she is scootering around Bern.

Here is a video of her showing off her scooter skills.

Ava and Taylor became friends during our little trip there. :)

Ava would sneak up next to Taylor as he was walking and challengingly say,
"I bet ya can't beat me to the end of the street."

I just love this girl! Anyhow, on with the trip…

The city of Luzern is beautiful. It sits on a lake and is surrounded by the Alps.
Here is Taylor and I in front of the Chapel bridge.

Here are Autumn, Josh, and Ava on the Chapel Bridge. It was built in the 14th Century.
Part of it has been rebuilt because a boat went under it and caught on fire.
Yes, those flowers are real.

Here is everyone on the bridge.

Notice the non-smoking sign on the top step?
The Swiss are crazy about their rules. They have tons of security
cameras on several of their bridges throughout town.

It seemed like the thing to do in Switzerland was to throw bikes into the river.
We saw several bikes in the bottom of the water throughout our weekend.
Taylor and Ava are busy pondering why people would do such a thing?

We took some time to feed the swans on the Reuss River.

The Jesuit Church was built from 1666-1677. The interior of the church was once Baroque
stucco, but it was too heavy and actually caused the walls to fall.
It was rebuilt in a lighter Rococo style.

The inside of the church was amazing. So detailed and intricate.

A fun door in town. Ava loved having her picture
taken and came up with some cute poses!

These were some interesting benches that Autumn pointed out.
A log, with padded seats, and chair backs secured to the back.

This stream of water comes from an underwater hydroelectric
plant, which creates enough power for about 1,000 households!

This Lion Monument was carved in the face of a cliff and is in
honor of Swiss Mercenaries who fought in the French Revolution.

We then walked up to the old city walls. This is part of the wall
looking down from one of the towers.

View from the top of the tower. Unfortunately it was
a little foggy that day.

Video from the top of the tower.

Pic of Autumn standing on the walls.

It was a hazy day, but in the background you can kind of see Mount Pilatus.
Legend has it that Pontius Pilate's ghost haunts this mountain!!!

The first pic is one of the look out towers along the old city walls.
Below it is an electric fence…and guess who touched it. Yep, Taylor. There were signs
posted all along the fence. He saw a woman touch it and not get shocked so he decided
to do the same. First time he touched it…nothing. Second time…he was shocked.
This pictures was taken after the incident, so he got away without any marks.

A pic of all of us on the bridge.

That night Autumn made roasted chicken and a Swiss dish called
Alpine macaroni. It was awesome!!! It had potatoes and gruyere cheese with
caramelized onions on top. Yummy!!

The next day was Halloween and we had about half a day before we
returned home. Here is Ava in her cute little Halloween outfit. She
dressed up later that night as Rapunzel. Her hand is up to show
off her Halloween tattoo.

We visited another pretty church. Taylor says this picture looks like
an album cover. Taylor and Cole are at the top of the stairs and Ava is below.

This was the massive door to the church.

Here we are taking a rest in the individual pews.

There was an interesting little cemetery to the side of the church.
Instead of artificial flowers they had potted plants all around.

This was the view of the town from the church steps.

Look at those colors!!!

They don't really celebrate Halloween here in Europe, so when we walked
past this store decorated with jack o' lanterns we had to get a picture.

We had such a great time seeing friends and visiting Switzerland.
Autumn, Josh, Ava, and Cole did a great job showing us the sights!! We
are looking forward to their visit here to Italy in December!!!

Here are some pictures and video that I took out the window
on the way home. I just can't tell you enough how beautiful it is here!!

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