Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Italian Apartment

     I finally snapped some pictures of our apartment…or should I say that it was finally clean enough/in order enough to show you pictures that I took! We are loving our apartment. It is situated down town and takes about 7-10 minutes to get to post depending on traffic. 

This is the view of the outside. Our balcony is on the 2nd floor,  on the right side with the air conditioner in it. The window to the left of it is in our living room as well. They just finished restoring the outside. 

View to the right and left off the balcony. 

From the bedrooms you can see down into the courtyard where I park.

There is my truck.

This is Taylor in front of the entrance to where I park.

Taylor parks in a garage just across the street from our apartment. It is very tricky to get into it. You have to back into it very carefully. I have to say that I'm getting pretty good at it…it doesn't take me 10 minutes like it used to! :)

Notice there is no such thing as just backing straight into it. Ours it he garage door on the left.

Looking down our street.

This is the side of the building. They are restoring it now, but this is what it looked like before. 

You walk into the door and to the right is the living room/dining room.

Here is a shot from the other side of the room. 

This is currently in the corner. Electricity over here is extremely expensive so we have turned into crazy people when it comes to saving energy. So, we hang dry our clothes. We do have a dryer and I do use it for about 5 minutes just to fluff the clothes so they aren't crunchy!

Off of the living room in a little closet is our kitchen. It isn't bad, not any smaller than our kitchen at Fort Benning. And, we got a brand new kitchen so that makes it even better. 

OLD kitchen

NEW kitchen!!

Crowded fridge

Itty bitty freezer. There will be no stocking up on meat here.

The army gives us these kitchen cabinets for extra storage. 

This is our recycling corner. (not sure how to flip this picture and I'm too lazy to go back and download it the right way). Recycling is law in Italy. We have 5 different trash bags…plastic, glass & aluminum, paper, humid waste which is like food and paper towels, and non recyclable waste like baggies, foil, etc. You can get fined if you don't put the trash in the right dumpster or if you put your trash in someone else's dumpster. They are serious about their trash over here. (My friend Autumn has been living in Switzerland for the past 3 months and they make them separate the colors of glass!!)

Looking back towards the door. This used to be my Mamaw's old microwave stand, which I painted and made a little curtain for. It now holds knives, spices, and my beloved kitchen aid mixer. 

This is the small entry way right after you walk into the front door. The boxes have finally been taken away and the plan is to put a desk here. 

Here is a pic without all the boxes. And yes Clark, the table you made for Taylor made it all the way here!

Here it is from the other direction.

Here we have one of our bathrooms. 

Little washing machine that takes 2 hours to wash a load of laundry!!!! And a bidet.

We are in the process of constructing a shower rod made of pipe that we can hang a shower curtain from since there is no rod and the tub is in a weird corner in the bathroom.

Bathroom #2.

Itty bitty corner shower. 

Guest Bedroom

This tile is in 2 of the 3 rooms. It is very common- we saw it a lot when looking at apartments here.

This is furniture that the army lends us for free while we are here.

This is looking down the hall form the guest bedroom. Our bedroom is at the very end. 

Storage room. The army gives us one wardrobe per person and then one extra. All of our clothes were not fitting…I guess I mean all of my clothes were not fitting. Taylor was having no problem with his 1/4 of the wardrobe I was allowing him access to. So, while trying to figure out what I was going to do with the 4 shower rods I have (not sure why) I came up with this brilliant idea! And it cost me $0.

The other... not so organized corner. 

Taylor's army stuff corner and the seldom used dryer. 

The master bedroom, which is quite large. 

View down the hallway from our room. 

     The end.

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