Monday, December 19, 2011

The ROCK Ball

          As most of you know Taylor was in charge of planning the Battalion Ball this year. When he first got tasked with this he thought that he would get out of it as soon as the rest of the battalion returned from training. Well...they came back... and he was still in charge. Although he hated every minute of it, he did a great job. Here is a picture of him in action.The girl on the left is Giorgia and she worked at the hotel and was the translator between the manager and Taylor.

          The ball was at Hotel Pigalle. There were 914 people that bought tickets to the ball. There was a lot of drinking going on that night but luckily no deaths or DWI's.

This is us at our table along with Andrew. He is back in the U.S. getting ready to go to
Captian's Career Course. 

The guest speaker that night was Private Williams who is in 2nd Battalion. I thought this was very cool because usually the guest speaker is some high ranking guy who has been to 10 wars, killed 40 people with his bare hands, commanded the bravest soldiers, seen things no one else has, etc, etc. I think you get the picture. This guy has been in the army for probably around 8 months and he hasn't even deployed. He was awarded Soldier of the Year for the European Theatre. That means he was chosen out of all the soldiers stationed in Europe. In my opinion, the fact that Private Williams was chosen as our speaker that night says a lot about the Battalion Commander and what is important to him. 

We got here at the very end of September and it was a few weeks later that I found out the ball was in about a month and a half. Other ladies were already talking about how they were ordering their dresses with expedited shipping! Of course, all of my formals are back in the U.S. in storage and there are no 50% off Dillard's racks here. So, I ordered this one online, without trying it on, and not really knowing what it was going to look like. It was definitely not as fun as going shopping and trying on different dresses, but what do ya do? I ordered the same dress in 2 different sizes to make sure that at least one fit right. It arrived with plenty of time before the ball and ended up really liking it! 

We had a great time!

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