Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our first visit back to the U.S. of A.

We went back to Texas for block leave and spent two great weeks with our families. We have been blessed with great families and friends. Here are some pics from our time there.

Easter Weekend

Riding bikes

This series of pictures tell a story that just makes me laugh…

Allie has the phone.

Jillian wants the phone.

Allie is not going to give it up so easy.

Jillian proceeds to tap Allie on the head.

Allie doesn't like Jillian chasing her and tapping her on the head.

Jillian gets told to stop and goes to the side to "be sad."

The End

Hanging out at Granddad and Memaw's house.


Emily and Merritt stayed the night at Susan & Steve's so I was able to get some great videos of her dancing. I love this girl.

Shawn and Melaney Vinson's new baby, Kameron.

Carlos, Hernandez, Me, Kameron, Barecky

Shawn and his son. 

An afternoon of Putt-Putt Golf

The in-laws were the first to make a hole in one.

This was the first of FOUR hole in ones that Grandma made!

The winning team: Amy, Grandma, and Clark
(Grandma totally carried their team)

Bocce Ball

Celebrating an early b-day for Lydia.

Lydia's fabulous wedges

Leigha & Jay's daughter, Brynleigh

Loralee & Nick's daughter, Camille

Jeremy & Toya's daughter, McKinley

I just love these girls!

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  1. I couldn't make the videos work. It says they are private. :( I love the Allie and Jillian story. I love Jillian's little impish facial expression. It reminds me so much of her mom when she was young....haha.