Monday, June 25, 2012

Germany with the Staffels

Adventures with the Staffells, Part II

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed to Garmisch, Germany with Taylor's college room mate Justin, and his wife Meredith. Germany is so beautiful! I love love love this country!

On Saturday we went to the King's Castles. Hohenschwangau Castle was rebuilt by King Maximilian II. It was King Ludwig's boyhood home. 

Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures on the inside. 

Here is an overhead view of the castle that I did not take.

The scenery around the area was pretty awesome.

At 18, King Ludwig took the throne and built Neuschwanstein Castle just across the valley from Hohenschwangau. Construction began in 1969 and stopped the year the King Ludwig died and within 6 weeks tourist were going through it. 

Of course they were remodeling the entire side of the castle, so I wasn't able to get any good pictures of it! These next 2 are not mine, but it gives you an idea of how awesome this castles is!

This castle was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Views from Neuschwanstein Castle.

On Sunday we took a train to Munich and had a great day of seeing sites, drinking German beer, eating some great German food, and did I mention German beer??

Munich's New Town Hall.

Munich's Old Town Hall.

Break for beer and food #1

They had tons of these beer gardens set up around the city. They would have hundreds of picnic tables set up around an area where you could buy beer and food.

May poles are raised on May 1st and this one is painted blue and white (which are the Bavarian colors) and decorated with pictures depicting local crafts and industry.

We had to take a break from our walking tour of Munich so the boys could play.

Taylor spinning a little kid…you know this didn't end well. Luckily Taylor caught him before he hit the ground. 

Then the boys each had a turn.

A church that was randomly built between buildings on a main street..

I think this is the most gawdy church interior I have seen.

Break for Beer and Food #2

The HaufbraĆ¼haus is one of Munich's oldest beer halls. The Nazi party used this hall to declare their policies and functions. It can hold 1,300 customers!

The regulars have their own beer mug that they keep locked up at the restaurant.

The boys were trying to climb the lion…which they did from the back…which turned into some interesting pictures! :)

In the English Park in Munich there was this guy who had a ski robe attached to a bungee cord and would ski on his board. 

There were also several surfers who were showing their moves in an area of the river where there was a large wave. 

Break for Beer and Food #3

The Chinese Tower is another one of the Beer Gardens in the English Park that we stopped at. 

Other sights around town…

Break for Beer and Food #4/Dinner

They only sold beer by the liter here. You do what you have to do...

We stayed at Edelweiss Resort and Lodge in Garmisch Germany. It is a resort for military families and is very nice. It is in a beautiful location and in a great little town. 

On the way home...

We had a great time in Germany with the Staffels. They stayed there a few more days and then headed to Belgium before they flew home. 

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