Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jesolo Beach

        The second weekend of May we packed up and headed for the beaches of Jesolo (pronounced Yes-oh-loh). Jesolo is just north of Venice and took us about an hour and a half. We will definitely be back. It was such a relaxing weekend.

The beaches are just lined with tons of hotels. We stayed here at Hotel Capri. 

We lucked out and got a room with a view…well a view of a thousand umbrellas! The beaches are lined with umbrellas a far as you can see. 

We got a front row umbrella and relaxed, drank beer, and read all day!

The weather was great. The high was about 80-85 degrees. It was not very busy because it is still pretty cold for here Italians. When I told my Italian friend Nadia that I went to the beach she said, "Oh my, wasn't it cold!" Her husband and her don't go to the beach until June and she said even then it was a little chilly! 

They had a little concession stand that drove up and down the beach. 

They also had these paddle boats that had slides on them you could take out on the water. The water was still cold, but we did get in a few times. 

View from our bed.

View from the breakfast table.

One of the big differences in American and European beaches is what people wear. Here in Europe the woman all wear bikinis. It doesn't matter how old, young, skinny, fat, pale, or tanned you are. These woman just don't care! They are definitely not as modest as we are. You will usually see a few topless sun bathers and changing your top on the beach in front of everyone is not a big deal. If you get to the beach and don't have your bathing suit, your bra and panties will suffice. Many of the older men wear speedos and like the women, it doesn't matter what you look like, they are still rockin the speedo. The younger guys wear shorts, but they are usually pretty short and tight. 

One of our favorite sites this trip was the speedo and fanny pack combo! I didn't get my camera out in time, but you can kind of see the red strap on this guy's fanny pack.

This guy's speedo was more like volley ball shorts, but he still had the fanny pack.

Taylor kicked the soccer ball around with some Italians guys that were hanging out around the same area we were. Basically, it was like a game of hackie sack with a soccer ball. 

Taylor doing a little bragging...

We had a really relaxing weekend and hope to return!


  1. Looks like you had a really relaxing holiday.

  2. In der Tat ist Venezia ein perfekter Ort für einen Urlaub. Bunte Orte und schmackhaftes Essen. Und immer fesselnde Ereignisse.

  3. Great review, I hope you enjoyed your holiday!