Monday, January 2, 2012

Buon Natale!!


            Christmas 2011 was very different for us, but good. For the first time in 28 years we were with neither of our families on Christmas day. It was a little weird...and quiet. We slept in. Woke up and made breakfast. Went to the full gospel church service on post. Opened some presents. Skyped with family. I made a cake. And made Christmas dinner together. 

Our little Christmas tree with $25 lights.

Our Christmas presents were all mailed boxes this year. :)

Until I realized that the package we had received a few days before was from my mom which
had wrapped presents. Too bad I didn't know that a few days before!

Every year since I was little we would wait outside the living room while my 
Dad got the video camera ready and we would run into the room jumping up and down 
so excited to see all that Santa brought us. As we have gotten older we still do it just to be 
goofy, so even though I was by myself I still had to keep the tradition going. 

I love this Christmas ornament my mom sent.

Taylor got some dolla dolla bills y'all.

Here we are opening some of our Christmas gifts. 

Making a cake with my apron from Granddad and Memaw Merritt and 
using Amy's snowman spatula.

Our Christmas dinner: Lamb with sweet potato chutney and green bean supreme. 

Thanks to everyone that sent Christmas cards and gifts! 

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  1. YOU ARE SUCH A DORK (but I love it)!! The Christmas morning video was hilarious as was the part in the gift-opening where you said "What are you doing?!" to Taylor. LOL made me miss you so much! Glad you guys had a good Christmas!