Monday, January 2, 2012

The Merritt's Visit Italy: Venice

        The Merritt's arrived the day after Christmas and we hit the ground running! The day they arrived we took them to Monte Berico which overlooks Vicenza and then went home and opened Christmas presents with them. 

There was no time for them to suffer from any jet lag because the day after they arrived we went to Venice. I just love this city! 

Can you see the two people reading on their porch/dock?

Love this green boat.

This is where the subway/boat docks to load and unload.

Gondola row.

Steve, Susan, and Taylor in front of the Bridge of Sighs.

Doge's Palace: Home of the Venetian ruler known as the duke or Doge, in Italian.

Here is a video that Steve took with his camera in St. Peter's Square. 

**Actually Susan and I were not talking about what to do next…we were reading about Napoleon's  architecture mistake in the square which was really interesting. If they hadn't been so busy playing with the birds, they might have known about it. :)

The first time we came to Venice with the Lockett's we discovered this artist tucked away in a little alley. We wanted to take Steve and Susan, but when we walked by the door was closed. Luckily we knocked and he let us in and showed us around his studio. This is the artist with the painting that they purchased.

It is hard to imagine, but everything that we would normally do with a car or truck the Venetians have to do with a boat. So people go to the grocery store by boat, the taxis are boats,  and the fire trucks are even  boats.

The mail delivery boat.

The ambulance boat.

Does this boat remind you of the 80's?

Susan took this cool shot. 

We took a boat ride out to the lagoon to the island of Murano which is where glass is made. Unfortunately we were too late to see any of the glass blowing demonstrations, but I did get some 
cool pics when the sun was setting.

Some pictures of us on the boat ride from Murano.

We ended a great day some great Swiss fondue. Autumn and Josh made it for us when we visited them in Switzerland and this was our first time to make it ourselves. It was yummy!

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