Tuesday, February 7, 2012

173rd Training in Monte Romano

      Taylor was gone last week for a training in Monte Romano. Usually they go up to Germany to train because they have the available land and resources, so this was something entirely new for the entire battalion.

     AFN, which is American Forces Network, did a little segment on their training. Taylor is not in the video, but he did jump out of a Chinook like the other guys did.

     The Battalion Commander, Colonel Larsen, is the first person that they interview on the video.

      You know that you are in for a bad jump when the winds are blowing 20 mph and the pilot is smoking a cigarette on the helicopter as we take off. 

It is me again…this is all that I could get out of him tonight. One sentence. Wow. Anyhow his jump went okay. He didn't fall into a building, or pond, or ravine, or stream, or fence…which were all on the drop zone. Lovely isn't it. The wind did drag him for about 30 feet or so, but he was okay, just a few grass stains. 

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  1. This jumping out of airplanes is hard on moms. Did I say that already?