Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jeff & Scott come to Italy: Skiing & Snowboarding

         Two of our friends, Scott Barnes and Jeff Cocanour, arrived here in Vicenza on Thursday! They started in Athens, Greece and went to Rome for a few days and now are here in Vicenza!

    Here we are eating a dinner of Swiss fondue. 

The next day we headed to Folgaria to do some skiing and snow boarding. The weather was beautiful. 

Let me give you a background on Jeff's skiing attire. Taylor and I have a large box of ski apparel and some how we were able to outfit Scott and Jeff for a day of skiing. We only had one extra pair of ski pants and Scott wore these, so Taylor pulled out some of his army cold-weather gear for Jeff.  Taylor also gave him some gloves that looked like reptile hands and my toboggan. Only Jeff could pull it off.

Jeff in action.

There was this group of American guys that were skiing the Jump Park at the same time as we were. They were listening to their headphones and talking obnoxiously loud so we were already annoyed by them. Just before this guy was about to jump he yelled, "This s#$@ about to get real!" Then he did this itty bitty little jump…and busted. It was hilarious. And the best part was that I got it on video. The first jumper is Taylor, then Scott, then the American guy. 

Best part of the ski trip. 
There are lots of these t-bars here on the Italian ski slopes. As a skier they are really easy to use…you just put the thing between your legs. For snowboarders though it is tad bit tricky. Jeff went for it with all he had. 

Towards the end of the day the fog settled in and it made for some cool pictures.

That night we took them to Vesuvios, our favorite restaurant in Vicenza. Afterwards we went out for drinks at the "Under the stairs bar" which is the American name for one of the bars here. 

Tomorrow we head to Venice...


  1. I was sitting here by myself laughing out loud at Jeff. The marshmallow suit was perfect! But the fall down at the ski lift had me rolling. Knowing Jeff....made me laugh even more. Glad you guys are having fun. Can't wait to hear about everything you did with the home boys.

  2. What a fun visit!! And, such beautiful pictures!!