Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ski trip. . . turned trip to Asiago

        Taylor got back from his training a day early last weekend so we decided to try out the skiing in Asiago. From the information on the website we knew that it was going to be a small resort, but we wanted to try it out. We couldn't really find an address to the ski resort so we drove to Asiago and dropped by the tourist office. The lady pointed us in the direction of Kaberlaba. We get there and see a chair lift (that is not working) and several t-bars (of which 2 were working.) This wasn't really unusual because in Italy the ski resorts are very spread out and there are multiple points on the mountain that you can catch a lift from. We got a map and were a little concerned when we saw that there were only 6 ski runs all coming from one spot, but we thought we would just go up and there would probably be lifts that would take us to another part of the mountain. That is not what happened. 

       There were two working t-bars for the entire mountain, and two ski runs. Yes, I said two runs. One going to the left and one to the right. After the first run we immediately skied down to try and get a refund…with a young girl who spoke no English. My Italian vocab has not expanded to words like "refund' or "money back" or "we thought we were at a different ski place." The refund never happened. We were stuck on riding a t-bar up the entire mountain to get a choice of 2 runs. 

Since we were in no hurry I got several pictures from the top. Yes, we are smiling in the pictures, but on the inside we are quite frustrated. 

Run #1

Run #2

Needless to say, we did not spend the entire day on those two runs. I was trying to have a good attitude about the whole thing and suggested we make up some games on the way down to make it not so mundane. The only games Taylor wanted to play were "Race down the mountain as fast as you can" or "Let's see how close we can ski to each other without falling." Both of which I was not a fan of. So we accepted the loss and left. 

            We went and ate lunch at Hotel Ristorante Ciori which was recommended to us by one of our neighbors. It was really good. 

Large gnocchi (potato dumpling) with prosciutto and Asiago cheese.

Pasta with deer meat

We walked around the town of Asiago and lucked out because most of the shops were opened that Sunday because of a firework show that they were having that night. Luckily I brought my good camera so I was able to get some pics around town. 

The strollers here are different. They are kind of like little bassinets on wheels. This was the first time that I had seen one for twins!

Taylor on the streets of Asiago. It was snowing and F R E E Z ING! I'm not a big shopper, but I wanted to stop at every shop just to get warm. 

Sometimes when they translate Italian to English it is a little off. We always get a kick out of menus that serve Fish Surprise or coke vegetables. We think that this Hotel is trying to say that they have an American Sports Bar inside. But, a Sporting American Bar works as well! :)

It is hard to see, but the sign at the top of the house says, SNACK DANCE. So…I guess this is where you can dance and grab something to eat?? Another one of those meanings lost in translation. 

There were several WWI battles in this area. This war memorial holds the remains of 30,086 Italian soldiers. Later about 18,500 Austro-Hungarian soldiers were buried here. 

We didn't walk up to it because it was so stinkin cold. Plus, this danger signed scared us away. 

      Overall, it wasn't a horrible day. We got a few ski runs in, got to see Asiago, and bought some Asiago cheese to take home with us! I would not recommend it for the skiing though. :)


  1. I want to come visit!! (but, maybe not when it's so cold. I'm a wuss!)

    PS. What's going on with your feedburner stuff?? I no longer get your email updates and that makes me sad! Boo!! Did you turn off your email subscriptions?

  2. Just catching up. The skiing may have been bad but the photos are beautiful.