Sunday, July 21, 2013

Budapest, Hungary Sept 2012

        When the boys are away the girls will…go to Budapest!!! Anna, Kaitlin, Katie, Baby Carson, and I headed to Budapest, Hungary for a girl's trip! 

Carson was such a trooper! We pushed him all around Budapest and he did great!

Matthias Church was originally built in 1015.

Walking through the streets of Budapest.

We visited the House of Terror which had exhibits about the nation's relationship with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in regards to Communism and Fascism. It was very interesting.

The Szechenyi Baths is one of the largest public baths in Europe. This may gross some of you out…but it was pretty clean…and we didn't dunk our heads under. 

The Medicinal baths were built in 1913. 

Carson had a blast!

I am proud to say that I taught him how to high five on this trip. 

Heroe's Square

Budapest has a great market where you will find things like…


Nesting dolls

Hand etched eggs


Langos is Hungarian fast food and is a kind of fry bread with our cream and shredded cheese on top. Yum. 

This sign was outside of an ice cream shop. No cows, no brooms, and no ice cubes???? Hmmmm….. Actually it was lactose free…hence the cow, gluten free…hence the wheat, and sugar free…hence the sugar cubes!! Duh.

They say that Budapest is the best at night and I would have to agree. 

Getting on and off the subway with a stroller was always fun and eventful…

So... it took us a few times to master getting the stroller on the high speed, mile long, intimidating Budapest escalators. Our first experience we were very unorganized, not communicating and it was a disaster. Kaitlin, Anna, and I all seemed to get on the escalator without Katie and Carson. We rode it aaaaaaaall the way to the top and while we were heading back down on the other side to come to Katie's rescue (since we had just abandoned her) we find her on the escalator with some stranger!!! Actually, he was a really nice guy from Texas (of course) who helped her out. 

By this time we had it down.

We thought this would go well with the Bootyfest theme of our trip. Don't worry…it is all a joke!

We stayed in this apartment near down town and it was requested that we wear house shoes on the carpet. We felt like we were at a Spa…with no service though.

One night the hot water went out. 4 girls and a baby without hot water…you know that ain't good!! Of course the switch was in the tallest cabinet in the skinniest hallway that was stacked full of old shoes. Luckily Katie is not afraid of heights, or old used stinky shoes. 

Down time in the evenings were fun!

Good times in Budapest!

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