Thursday, July 18, 2013

Campmeeting 2012

          I flew home with my mother at the end of July so that I could go to Bloys Campmeeting. It was started in 1890 by Rev. W.B. Bloys. He had "church" out in a field for all of the surrounding ranchers and farmers in the area.  Out of those that attend today many are the 4th and 5th generations of those that first attended Bloys. My Great Grandmother began attending as a nurse to one of the preacher's wives. She continued attending and took my Papa and his siblings. My Papa took my mom and her siblings, and now every year our cabin is full of my aunts and uncles and me and my siblings and cousins. I have been every year of my life…seriously…I have not missed one year since I was born. It is such a special place and time of the year for our family. We have friends here that we only see once a year, but have seen most every year of our life. It is a time to get away from the "real" world, spend time growing in the Lord,  hang out with family and friends, hike, and eat lots of good camp food!

     Here are some highlight pics from the week...

Hanging around the cabin and cook shed...

Hiking Devil's Bathtubs

Hiking up to the the Cross and then on to the top

They had this scroll of handprints in the museum and Whitney and Brandon found their little bitty hand prints when they were in the Mabel Bloys class. 

Fun times at Balmorhea!

Our made-up competition of diving for rocks.

Taylor was in Afghanistan while all this was happening and his birthday was coming up and I wanted to get a video of my family singing Happy Birthday to send to him. Most of you know my family is a little crazy, especially when you get us all together. I can't help but laugh out loud at these videos. 

This first video was filmed on accident and is the preparation of the singing. Can you tell we have spent an entire week together in one cabin!??

Birthday Song #1

Birthday Song #2

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