Sunday, November 24, 2013

Emily and Joseph Visit Italia! March 2013

          Taylor's sister Emily and her husband Joseph came to visit at the beginning of March. We had a great time! They were so much fun to travel with! We went to Verona, Venice, Burano, Murano, Soave, and Milan together. They also went off and saw Rome and Florence. Lots of traveling!!

We spent 2 days in Venice!!! I've gotta give credit to Emily for taking all of these pictures!

Bridge of Sighs

There were lots of gondoliers that day.

Saint Mark's Square

Around town…

Venice at night. 

Saint Mark's Basilica

Rialto Bridge

We spent another day touring the islands of Venice. 


Burano…the island of brightly colored buildings and lace. 

Fur coats set out to dry.

Watching a girl work on stitching lace. 

Joseph using his glasses as a magnifying glass to see the tiny little stitches. 


Murano…the little island known for their glass making.

San Michele

San Michele- the little cemetery island.

The famous Igor Stravinsky's grave. 

Le Pignole Winery

Dinner and wine tasting at a local winery called Le Pignole. 

Joseph ordering some vino. 

Bonamini Olive Oil Mill

An olive oil mill tour and tasting at Bonamini.

Joseph and Emily amongst all the olive trees.

Warming the olive oil in our hands.

Taking shots of olive oil…only in Italy!


A short stop at Suave castle for some funny pictures. 


Day trip to Verona.

The third largest Roman Arena is here in Verona dating back from the first century A.D.

Gelato stop!


Milan in a nutshell...the international fashion capital with a cool church and the famous Last Supper.

Milan's Duomo, or Cathedral, is the 4th largest church in Europe. It was built from 1386-1810 to hold 40,000 worshipers…which at the time happened to be the entire population of Milan. 

Joseph ventured up to the top of the Duomo and got some great pictures. 

Piazza del Duomo

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Inside the galleria there is a patriotic mosaic in the floor. One of the pictures is of a torino, or little bull, which is the city's symbol. For good luck, you can spin on the bull's testicles.  

The mosaic has to be replaced every few years because of this tradition.

Emily and Joseph in Piazza della Scala.

We went to see Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, but of course could not take pictures of it. I always envisioned it as a painting, but it is a fresco on the wall of an old church. It was pretty cool.

I don't even remember why we were taking these, but they make me laugh. 

I remember now!! We were both wearing argyle patterned sweaters!!

My Tour guide website

While traveling together, Joseph and Emily decided that I should start my own tour guide business. Emily took some pictures of me around Venice to use on my website. 

Welcome to Lindsey's Tour guide website, Driver's Way

You should choose her because...
She always know where the water fountains are so you can refill your water bottles and stay hydrated for free. 

She always has a stick of gum for anyone who needs one. 

She will protect you from the rose sellers and other peddlers that harass you in high tourist areas. 

She is willing to get to any heights so that the group can see and hear her. 

She is very charismatic about the information she shares. 

She knows where all of the best gelato stops are. 

We had such a fun time traveling together and hope they can make another trip here before we leave!

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