Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trip to Wellington

    About half way through our internship we had the opportunity to travel to Wellington to visit another church. Road trip!!!

We rented some awesome child molester vans.

On the way there, we stopped in Taupo and went bungy jumping!!! In 1988 AJ Hackett Bungy pioneered this crazy thing in Queenstown, New Zealand. I had no plans to bungy jump before going to NZ. In fact, my dad asked me if I was planning to since NZ is known for it bungy jumping, and I was like, "Nah…I've been sky diving before, it can't be much different." 

And about 2 and a half months later, there I was on the top of a 47 meter platform overlooking the Waikato River. 

There were 6 of us that jumped that day. 

David was really excited.

Gabe looks fearless.

Allee and Liz are just trying to stay warm.

It was freezing and we couldn't wear any big jackets.

Here are the witnesses/picture takers/videographers freezing their butts off for us!

There goes Allee...


There goes Tim… 

He got dunked in the water on his jump. 



I was the last one!

Scenery on the way.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand is on the bottom tip of the north island. It definitely has a big city feel.

Liz, Judith and I spent several hours in the Te Papa museum. It was one of the best museums I have been to and it was free!

3-D movie

Liz freaking out at the largest complete Colossal squid in the world!

Can you tell who's music video we were imitating?

Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand. This quote makes me laugh for some reason.

We saw the coolest rainbow on the way home. It's colors were so bright!

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